Welcome to Styled By Me

Welcome to styled-by-me.com

For an increasing specialist trade!

As a manufacturing and traditional company we are absolutely convinced of the advice quality in the specialist trade. It is the basis and requested character for the strong sales of our products. To increase this advice quality and to adjust it to customers´ changeable buying habits, we now go online together with you!


Why online?

The world changes. Nowadays many people use the internet in order to buy quickly and simply. We would like to use this development in your and our interest. We consider the new concept as being a customer service we offer in order to serve and satisfy individually the increasing target group of the online customers, too.

The online advice service

To reach also the specialist trade level on the internet, we developed the web site www.styled-by-me.de which enables your customers to create individually their own Otto Schumacher bridle or double bridle. With it we contact specifically customers who prefer ordering from the internet. Your advantage: You can secure extra sales. How does it work? Regarding to the bridle or double bridle purchasing, online customers enter the web site and are led step by step to their personal desired model (almost like an advice).


What are your advantages?

 Extra sales, because online the customer is only able to create not to buy.After designing individually a bridle or double bridle, the costumer chooses his/her dealer with whom he/she processes the order. For this he/she prints out the order form for you or he/she sends it to you by e-mail. Then you order as usual from us and finally your customer receives the manufactured bridle or double bridle from you. With this you have the opportunity to make online customers to new customers and to increase your sales.